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BestMed and Louisiana-Based SouthStar Urgent Care Announce Merger

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Eugene, OR – June 23, 2021 – BestMed, a provider of high-quality, convenient urgent and primary care services, announces its merger with Louisiana-based SouthStar Urgent Care. The merger of the two companies is targeted to be complete in August 2021.

BestMed and SouthStar Urgent Care share a similar mission and commitment to their patients. As one company, both organizations will continue to operate with a focus on patient care at the forefront. With a presence in six states, both brands will gain the benefits of access to more resources, talent, and room for expansion.

“We strongly believe the merging of these two businesses will enhance the organization as a whole and allow our teams to continue to focus on delivering quality care for our patients.” Says Jim Ashby, CEO of BestMed.

The BestMed and Southstar brands will remain intact in the states in which they currently operate. This merger allows for both BestMed and SouthStar Urgent Care to help more patients as they expand nationally.

About BestMed

BestMed is a comprehensive provider of high-quality urgent care and primary care services with 28 clinics throughout Oregon, Montana, Washington, Wyoming, and Colorado.

About SouthStar Urgent Care

SouthStar is a leading provider of urgent care services with 28 clinics in Louisiana. SouthStar is known for its exceptional urgent care services, customer service, and commitment to the healthcare industry.

Media Contact: Emma Stevens, 541-743-6111