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BestMed Urgent Care Donates AED to Ted Norman Memorial Baseball Complex

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BestMed Urgent Care, formerly Eugene Urgent Care, has donated an automated external defibrillator (AED) and protective device cabinet to the Ted Norman Memorial Baseball Complex, the home field of the Willamette Valley Babe Ruth (WVBR) Baseball league. BestMed Urgent Care representatives will present the AED during the WVBR opening ceremony on April 20. The donation helps the Eugene baseball complex to enable a greater chance of survival from sudden out-of-hospital cardiac arrest or Commotio Cordis, the sudden arrhythmic death caused by a chest wall impact that puts athletes partaking in sports with projectiles such as baseballs at particular risk. This is seen mostly in athletes between the ages of 8 and 18 who are participating in sports with projectiles such as baseballs, hockey pucks, or lacrosse balls.  These projectiles can strike the athletes in the middle of the chest with a low impact but enough to cause the heart to enter an arrhythmia.  Without immediate CPR and defibrillation, the outcome of commotio cordis can be critically fatal.  This condition is extremely dangerous with rare survival. Access to an AED helps strengthen the “chain of survival” as described in Health & Safety Institute emergency care training programs by helping to prevent sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) from becoming irreversible death.

“On behalf of BestMed Urgent Care, we are thrilled to offer an AED donation to WVBR and the Ted Norman Memorial Baseball Complex,” said Kristine Rice, BestMed Marketing Director. “Providing access to this critical and potentially life-saving technology furthers our efforts to help safeguard the health and wellness of our community.”

Health and Safety Institute (HSI), headquartered in Eugene, Oregon will also donate an online cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) AED and first aid course to all WVBR coaches. This combination of AED access and associated training will help to ensure the greatest possible safety of players, team personnel, and fans by arming coaches with the skills necessary to provide an immediate safety response while awaiting emergency medical care in the event of a life-threatening incident.

“As a former HSI employee it is personally rewarding to partner with Nancy Liebig, VP of Client Services to provide this crucial emergency care and safety training for this initiative,” said Rice. “Hundreds of families visit the Ted Norman Memorial Baseball Complex every week. In the event of a potentially catastrophic event, access to an AED and use by trained personnel could make the critical difference in saving a life.”

Every year, SCA claims nearly 350,000 victims a year, leading healthcare experts to advocate placing AEDs in offices, schools, and community recreation facilities. With convenient access and proper training, AEDs can significantly increase the chance of survival in the event of a cardiac episode. Studies conducted by The American Heart Association have shown that sudden cardiac arrest victims who received immediate defibrillation have up to a 60 percent survival rate one year after SCA.

“We are pleased to be able to offer at minimum online awareness of CPR, AED and first aid training to help inspire people to act in their community,” said Anthony Corwin, General Manager of Emergency Care Brands from HSI. “The more people we can educate on the importance of CPR training and AED availability along with their proper use, the more people who will respond to an emergency and give someone a chance at surviving a sudden cardiac arrest. HSI always recommends participating in a skills training session after the online course to attain a CPR/AED and First Aid certification and be fully prepared to respond.

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