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Does My Earache Need Urgent Care?

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Reviewed by: Amy Hinshaw, FNP-C

Earaches — or any sort of ear pain — are a nuisance and usually, little more. For the most part, ear pain tends to correct itself and will go away on its own. However, there are times when an earache does require urgent medical care. For example, when certain other symptoms are also present, your ear pain could be indicative of a serious illness. If you’re in serious pain or your earache has persisted or become worse, you may want to get it checked out to be on the safe side. You can visit our walk-in urgent care in Yakima, Wash., or any of our other convenient urgent care locations near you, to be seen as quickly as possible. If you or your child is currently experiencing ear pain, here are some signs it’s time to visit BestMed Urgent Care clinic.

When It’s Time to Visit an Urgent Care Clinic

In children, frequent earaches are cause for concern and should be addressed with urgent medical care. When persistent ear pain goes untreated in a child, it can lead to a more serious infection and even permanent hearing loss. A visit to BestMed Urgent Care Clinic might be necessary when a child is also suffering from other symptoms such as a loss of hearing, flu-like symptoms, dizziness, becoming inconsolable or if there is any discharge or bleeding from the ear.

In individuals of all ages, if an earache is accompanied by a fever of 104 degrees or higher, lethargy, vomiting, a stiff neck or drowsiness, you should get immediate medical attention.

The same is true if you have recently experienced head trauma and ear pain is becoming unbearable. A visit to an urgent care center such as BestMed Urgent Care Clinic could be the difference between relief and severe long-term effects. Ear pain is usually one of the first signs of a more serious head injury, so it’s imperative to receive urgent medical care.  

Some Other Causes of Ear Pain

At BestMed Urgent Care Clinic, we see a variety of illnesses that cause ear pain in both children and adults. For children, the most common cause of ear pain is an ear infection. Infections usually occur during colds or allergies and are the result of the tubes in their ears getting blocked. 

In adults (and sometimes in children), ear pain can be caused by things like excessive ear wax, a change in air pressure and illnesses such as tonsillitis and pharyngitis. Individuals who grind their teeth and have TMJ pain may also experience ear pain. No matter the cause, when the pain becomes severe, you should seek urgent medical care immediately.

Treatment Options

Whatever the cause of your or your child’s earache, BestMed Urgent Care Clinic or a BestMed Primary Care Clinic can properly diagnose the cause and develop a personalized treatment plan to help you or your child feel better as soon as possible. Should you or your child require further treatment, our urgent care physicians can recommend an outside specialist for you to see.

If ear pain is becoming too much to bear, visit our walk-in urgent care center or save your spot online  to reduce your wait. Whether you’re in Richmond, Wash., or close to any of our other convenient urgent care locations, we’re available and ready to diagnose and treat ear pain and related symptoms. If you want to have your, or your child’s, ear pain checked, come in today or get in line online.