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So. Many. Ways to hurt yourself (and need urgent care).

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Injuries aren’t just unexpected and inconvenient, they’re stressful. Having the help of professionals can help you smoothly transition from panic and pain, to calm and comfort.

While patients are here in urgent care – even in their moments of pain – they recognize that life can be absurd and are often able to find humor in their situation. Over the years, they’ve shared some strange stories with us, which fall into three general categories:

1. That Doesn’t Go There: This category is common – but not exclusive – to little kids. Think in terms of peas in ears, toys in noses, swallowed coins and so on. We also see a lot of peas shoved farther into ears and toys farther up noses because parents try to help but aren’t successful. If you find yourself or someone you love with a foreign object in your body, come see us so we can troubleshoot safely.

2. Don’t Try This at Home: Power tools are bad news in the wrong hands… and on the wrong hands. Hammers, barbeques and ladders are also behind a lot of urgent care visits. From cuts, bangs, burns and bad landings, we are here to help with clean-up, X-rays and stitches if needed.

3. Nobody Saw That… Right? You meant to walk into that pole, right? Stubbed-and-maybe-broken toes, dislocated shoulders, twisted ankles… there are a lot of clumsy ways to hurt yourself. Come on by and if needed, we’ll use our on-site X-ray to assess the damage and get you fixed up.

One thing’s for sure: Even if the cause of your injury seems silly, you’re not alone in the occasional goof-up. Don’t dismiss your injury: no matter how you hurt yourself, the professionals at BestMed Urgent Care are here to help. It’s common for patients to diminish their pain or apologize for the ‘silly’ or ‘small’ thing that’s bothering them. But we think it’s silly NOT coming to see. If you’re hurting or not healing like you had hoped, stop by a BestMed near you. We can help you put this particular ‘oops’ or ‘ouch’ behind you.

We’ll be asking for your story of the silliest way you hurt yourself on our Facebook page. Jump on over there and be sure you’re following us. If you post, remember that Facebook is public. 🙂 Here are a few of the ironic things we’ve done, that landed us in urgent care. What about you?

  • Sliced a toe open with a tuna can – after a 12-mile run through lava fields.
  • Cut finger open on the packaging – for a kitchen knife.
  • Cracked a tailbone falling off a mountain bike – in the parking lot after a ride.

Thank goodness for urgent care and in-clinic imaging. Come see us for:

  • Injuries: sprains, strains, bites, burns, breaks, bruises, cuts, scrapes, eye injuries.
  • Illness: allergies, asthma, fever, stomachaches, earaches, sore throats, UTIs, infections.
  • Routine help: immunizations and sports physicals.

Find the closest BestMed Urgent Care to you and check-in online.

Reviewed by: Frank James Garber, F.N.P.-C.

Disclaimer: If you are in a situation that might be life-threatening, go straight to the emergency room or call 911. Situations like this include: Shortness of breath or breathing problems. Seizures or ‘blackouts’. Sudden vision problems. Confusion or dizziness. Heavy bleeding. Possible breaks that appear to be deformed or blue, or that include bleeding. Serious burns. The inability to speak or move. Head and neck injuries.