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BestMed Urgent Care Opens in Billings, Mont.

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Exterior of Billings BestMed Urgent Care clinic.

Billings, Mont. — Building on our existing footprint in Montana, we opened our newest BestMed Urgent Care in the state’s largest city on Nov. 27, 2023. Located at 3043 Meadow View Drive, the Billings BestMed offers complete urgent care services for people with illnesses and injuries that aren’t life-threatening but can’t wait for a primary care appointment. The clinic is open Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday–Sunday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“Rural states and communities are disproportionally affected by the shortage of primary care providers across the country,” said Jim Ashby, chief executive officer of Community Care Partners (CCP), the company that owns BestMed. “Urgent care fills the crucial need between primary care and the emergency room, getting people back to feeling their best quickly while reserving our hospitals for true emergencies.”

BestMed provides treatment for a wide variety of medical conditions ranging from sinus infections to fractures and ear infections to sprains and strains. We also have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools on-site, such as X-ray, EKG and our newest technology, Cepheid PCR testing machines.

“Cepheid allows us to accurately diagnose strep throat and differentiate between COVID-19, flu A, flu B and RSV in as little as a half hour,” said Sara Vigil, regional manager. “That’s especially important this time of year when the symptoms of so many common winter illnesses overlap. We can now pinpoint the problem and start patients on the right treatment plan nearly immediately.”

BestMed also recently began offering on-site medication dispensing at all of our clinics. With many of the most common non-opioid medications available, such as antibiotics, we can often examine, diagnose and treat you in a single visit so you don’t have to wait to fill your prescriptions at a pharmacy.

Investments like Cepheid and medication dispensing are only part of what keeps us successful, however.

“BestMed is growing throughout the West and continually evolving to stay competitive. But what really makes a difference is that each of our clinics is unique and a part of the community it serves. Our staff and providers live where they practice and genuinely care about our patients because they’re also our neighbors,” Vigil said. “That’s how we’re able to deliver on our promise to provide care that is personal — and why we have some of the highest Google ratings in Montana.”

If you need urgent care in Billings, just walk in or check-in online. To learn more about our services, see accepted insurance plans, find the nearest location or check-in online at any of our clinics, explore our website at