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When is Urgent Care Needed For a Cold Or The Flu?

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Reviewed by: Amy Hinshaw, FNP-C

We’re quickly approaching the most wonderful time of the year, which means that we’ve also entered one of the most strenuous times of the year for our health: cold and flu season. Cold and flu season is officially upon us and while there are those that can make it through unscathed, the symptoms that are associated with both illnesses can severely affect the health of others.

Our urgent care center is no stranger to the effects of these illnesses as we see an uptick in cases around this time of year. So today, we’ll be discussing the symptoms of a cold and the flu as well as when it’s time to visit BestMed Urgent Care Clinic

Cold and Flu Symptoms That Should Not Be Ignored

You either know someone or are that someone, who believes they can tough anything out. As strong as they (or you!) might be, there are times when we have to just give in and let a professional nurse us back to health. So when exactly is it time to visit a walk-in urgent care clinic? Here are some symptoms to look out for:

  • A cold or flu has lasted over seven days
  • Coughing up green or yellow mucus, or if it’s streaked with blood
  • Have a fever of 101 degrees or over that won’t go down
  • Feeling very weak

These are just a few of the symptoms that warrant a visit to BestMed Urgent Care Clinic for urgent medical care, and it’s important that you make that visit before these symptoms worsen. The flu can easily escalate into pneumonia which can be life-threatening if not diagnosed and treated immediately. Signs that your flu is evolving include chest pain and difficulty breathing, and should be taken extremely seriously.

Preventing the Flu From Ruining Your Holidays

The flu has symptoms that can often appear to be those of the common cold but are actually indicative of a severe viral infection. This respiratory condition is extremely contagious and affects the throat, sinuses, and lungs. October is typically when we begin to see influenza A and B viruses in patients at our urgent care clinics. Now is the ideal time to get your flu shot!

There are certain symptoms that our physicians will look for in a patient that could potentially be suffering from the flu however, at BestMed Urgent Care Clinic we can diagnose the flu in 15 minutes with an influenza diagnostics test. Early signs of the flu that may require urgent care include exhaustion and fatigue, fever, chills, a sore throat, runny nose, body aches and pain, and vomiting or diarrhea (mainly in children).

While there are those that can make a full recovery with little to no complications, there are some that can develop pneumonia or bronchitis, turning the flu into a severe condition that will absolutely require urgent medical care.

If you’re someone who is susceptible to these illnesses, there are some ways to prevent contracting the virus. The first thing the team at BestMed Urgent Care Clinic recommends is getting a flu shot to keep yourself safe against the virus for the remainder of the season. Now is the best time to get your flu shot as we are officially in the throes of cold and flu season, and we proudly offer the flu shot at any one of our urgent care clinics.

Other preventative measures include good hand hygiene, avoiding individuals that are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine, getting adequate rest, and boosting the immune system by taking vitamin D pills.

Whether you’re experiencing severe cold and flu symptoms, or are interested in getting the flu shot to help prevent contraction of the virus, our walk-in urgent care center is open and available to treat you and your family, keeping everyone safe this cold and flu season. Visit one of our walk-in clinics or get in-line online at one of our urgent care clinics near you for your flu shot or flu treatment today.  Contact us at one of our clinics to learn more!